A Nightcap for Moms

The day-to-day grind for Moms is a difficult one when you have to fit in a 9-5, a couple of meals, commuting through traffic, bathing kids, bedtime stories, chores and the list goes on. After a day like that there is nothing better than a glass of wine to ease the tension and stresses of the day.  Every Mom needs a nightcap right? Well what if instead of plopping on the sofa with your Malbec you could drink that same bottle of wine with your girlfriends at an intimate, cozy no fuss lounge….sounds perfect right?

Absolutely, and The Purple Corkscrew is here to give you just that!  Opening in May our cozy wine room is the perfect place for girlfriends, moms, co-workers, and sisters who just want to get away and converse over a good glass of wine.  No gimmicks, no waiting in line, no bass thumping in your ear just good food, good conversation and good wine!

So invite your friends down in May for our Grand Opening at The Purple Corkscrew.


Atlanta Wine Bar offers Crepes

The Purple Corkscrew Wine Room & Lounge is coming soon this May to Emory Village!! This cozy hidden jewel is nestled below Saba restaurant will soon be known for having a unique array of wines for wine lovers at any level. In addition to the classic bites that are paired with wine such as imported cheese, olives, hummus, and fresh baked bread this intimate spot will serve crepes!

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Steffini & Kellie

Ambiance is key for any restaurant

Creating an inviting experience from the moment the customer sets foot in your establishment can be a tricky task.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that the ambiance of your wine bar or restaurant matches that of your target market.  If your demographic is 21-35 then your space may be more modern with vibrant colors and up tempo pop music in the background.  Or prehaps you are targeting Moms and children then maybe you’ll consider having a stroller station with relaxing colors and a kids corner. 

Whatever the case, you really want to understand your client base and include that in your design.  Now for new businesses this may pose a challenge.  I would suggest to start with a foundation and then adapt your environment as you get to know your clients.  Offer your customers different avenues to offer feedback from online to in-person.

Here are a few tips for new businesses to engage their customers:

1. Leave notebooks on the tables that allow for anonymous feedback

2. Create a receipt coupon (a.k.a. Catalina) that sends people to a website to submit feedback & be entered in a drawing

3. Create a FB or Twitter campaign that rewards reviews

4. Add a simple 1-2 question review to the receipt

Now that you better know your clientele then you can start making little changes to your establishment.  And as long as you keep your clients in mind you are well on your way.